An Interior Designer Modern Outdoor on False Ceilings to Prove Less is More

People often forget that simplicity is crucial in every aspect of life including designing any space. It is seen that simple false ceiling designs for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas are not appreciated enough for their beauty. Here is an interior designer modern take on false ceilings that can prove that even simple designs look good in your space.

1. Profile Lighting

If you wish to achieve a modern ceiling design, profile lights are an easy way to do it. They can easily light up the bedroom and also comes with the option of controlling the brightness of the light. Hence, it can be said that ceiling designs with lights, profiles, and bedrooms are made for one another.

2. Carved borders

As per the interior designer modern approach, carved borders are enough to create a simple yet effective false ceiling in your hall area. If the ceiling is outlined with contrasting borders, a clean-cut and elegant ceiling can be created. You can go for recessed lights in such a false ceiling.

3. Extended panel with the false ceiling

An extended panel is the best for your bedroom. It helps to raise the style quotient of your bedroom, especially when the ceiling is done using wood. It also makes your bedroom look unique and attractive.

4. Monochromatic false ceiling designs

You can go for an aqua-theme false ceiling design that will help you create a balance between quirkiness and simplicity. The panels of the ceiling can be done in wood and later painted in the aqua shade. You can go for monochromatic interiors which means that everything in the room is painted in a blue tone.

5. Wooden false ceiling

If you want a simple and inspiring ceiling, you can go for a wooden one. The wooden beams run parallel to each other horizontally to create a chic space. This is one of the best small home interior design ideas for doing false ceilings because it doesn’t make your room look smaller. Normal false ceiling is done keeping a gap of 8 inches from the ceiling. The same is not the case with a wooden false ceiling.

6. Multi-layered false ceiling

You can go for a multi-layered false ceiling for a modern and elegant touch. Here instead of using different shades for each layer of the ceiling, you can simply highlight the border of each layer to show the transition. You can even add false ceiling lighting like a beautiful chandelier to give a boost to the overall look.

To Sum It Up

Don’t underrate simplicity when it comes to ceiling designs. Simple false ceiling designs revolve around cuts and straight lines. You can add innovative lighting to the false ceiling to create a charming look. The interior designer modern approach says that cove lighting, profile lighting, recessed lighting, and strip lighting work best when you have a false ceiling. You can even add fancy chandeliers if your space and budget allow. You can come up with your own ceiling pattern and discuss it with your interior designer to add a personalized touch to the space.

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