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Everything Included with a Europe VPS Server Package – Onlive Server

It is important for you to make the choice of a top-quality server hosting provider when you come up with a business website. This server hosting provider can be shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicated. Europe VPS Server is one server hosting option that has gained huge popularity in the market. However, there are a lot of individuals who are still not sure about what they actually get from a cheap VPS hosting package.

What Do You Get from a VPS Hosting Provider?

Cheap VPS hosting is undoubtedly one of the best in-between options for those looking to get something more than what they get through shared hosting but cannot afford the features and services of a dedicated server.

Ultimately, Europe VPS hosting offers the user more customization options, security, resources, and control for all applications and websites.


First and foremost, let us do away with the price factor as it is one of the major concerns for every individual going for web server hosting deals. Virtual private server hosting comes as the happy medium as far as the pricing of this form of server hosting is concerned.

It is not like the free offers that people usually come across, providing zero support and a plethora of hidden charges. Of course, this kind of server hosting can be a bit more expensive in comparison to the starter deals that are available with shared server hosting.

Nevertheless, it is not as expensive as the deals available with dedicated server hosting, where users need to pay exorbitantly for owning their personal servers. For the ones running online businesses, USA VPS hosting comes as one of the most affordable options that will not destroy your budget in any situation.


Speaking of secure hosting solutions, there can be nothing better than cheap VPS hosting services. With a virtual private server, your website remains separated on the server from all the other sites on the same server.

The users on the server do not need to share their operating system and the other server resources with the other sites being hosted on the same server. So, the other sites do not have the power to access any of the files of the user. In addition to this, if there is one certain site on the server that is hacked, it will not have any impact on the other sites being hosted on the same server.


Going for a shared server means you will be sharing everything with the other sites, including the operating system as well. However, this is not the case with Europe VPS hosting, where all the sites have their very own operating systems. This means that they can customize all the operating system applications personally, including Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Finally, they can even configure the servers to meet their individual requirements instead of using the default settings.

Complete Control

Most of the time, when installing new resources or updates like applications, the users need to restart the servers for these changes to take effect. This is not possible on a shared server because the activity might take the website of all the other users down while the reboot procedure of the server is on. With cheap VPS hosting, users can reboot their servers as required without any worries of disturbing the neighbors.

With a virtual private server hosting provider, the users also get a completely independent IP address. This further gives them complete control over how their site ranks on the major search engine result pages. Having your very own IP address also means that any kind of filtering software will not block the user’s site inadvertently. This is not the case with shared servers where having the same IP address as a site with malware on it might block your site as well.


One of the greatest benefits of going for Europe VPS hosting is that the users on the virtual private servers do not need to share server resources with the other sites being hosted on the same server.

The shared servers come with limited hard drive and memory translating into other areas like shared use of bandwidth. If a certain website on shared server witnesses a heavy traffic increase, it can slow down all the other sites, and in the worst circumstances, it can even crash all the other sites.

Going for the services of a cheap VPS hosting provider is probably one of the wisest moves for companies that are growing at a very fast pace and beyond the constraints of the shared servers.

VPS server hosting is definitely the best bet for companies or businesses developing fast but is still not ready to go with dedicated network servers considering the huge costs involved. With VPS, you have the option of going for the most affordable plans that can further help your site is moving along smoothly without facing any problems.

The Bottom Line

Understanding Europe VPS down the road is very important for business website owners because only a clear understanding of what you get from a VPS server will help you decide on whether you really need to upgrade to a VPS server. If your site has gained a considerable amount of traffic, then it will be a good idea for you to upgrade to virtual private server hosting. That’s because with this upgradation you get more resources, more freedom, more speed, and less downtime!