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Expand the Versatility of Your PC with the Streamlined Productivity Tools from QnE Companion.

The expert development team behind TeraByte Unlimited has been working hard to improve and streamline the powerful PC utility resource – QnE Companion. Many users still on the fence about integrating this helpful tool will be happy to learn the licensing agreement has changed, so even after the free trial ends, there is a Free Mode available to continue using the multiple resources through a limited lens.

QnE Companion provides a robust suite of easy-to-use resources that make operating your PC much simpler. The QnE Clipboard Companion alone boosts your ability to reference and find previously stored pasted clips through a list. Instead of having to fish around your ever-growing files, you can simply click to see those essential clips needed for your personal and professional lives.

Recent updates to the QnE Screen Capture utility have changed the default magnifier to use full-screen crosshairs, providing better orientation to those working on sharable design or needing to store valuable research. Those developers or users working in multi-screen environments will be happy the magnifier movement has also been adjusted for high-resolution screens.

Using the QnE Launcher, which functions as a convenient pop-up menu, you can easily access all your programs, folders, documents, and files. You can customize the launcher to include the applications you use most frequently, allowing you to quickly access the tools you need at a moment’s notice. This feature adds to the overall efficiency of the resource, further increasing time and cost savings.

For those users that love to customize their working desktops with fun icons, try the QnE Icon Companion available in the QnE Companion suite. Unfortunately, icons get lost in the mix of files and picture auto-detection way too often. This utility organizes all of your icons to better manage your desktop layout, remote desktop, or other environments, even in resolution changes.

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