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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical computer, or virtual machine, that serves no other purpose than to run your website. It is most popular with high-traffic websites because it provides you with full control over your server, as well as dedicated resources (like memory and processing power) to run your site. Onlive Server hosts 10 different types of dedicated servers based on customers’ needs in UAE & Dubai. Some of them are Windows VPS Hosting Dubai, Linux VPS Hosting Dubai, Windows Shared Hosting Dubai, Cloud Hosting Dubai. All these services will be provided by us at very low prices compared to our competitors! We can also offer additional features like Web Design Services, SEO Services. Onlive server offer VPS Hosting It offers unparalleled speed and security to all our users with Dubai Dedicated Server. As business owners, we know how important it is to keep your website running as VPS Hosting smoothly as possible at all times. And Social Media Marketing Services for an additional cost if required by our customers. You can get all these services from us at very low costs compared to our competitors!

How do you host a dedicated server in Dubai?

To host your website, you need a service that will provide an IP address for your site as well as bandwidth and disk space. That’s what it means to host a dedicated server. A dedicated server is essentially a computer that is used by only one client at a time; in comparison, shared hosting has multiple clients using one server. Hosting providers typically offer two types of dedicated servers: managed or unmanaged. Unmanaged servers are usually more affordable than managed ones, but they require more maintenance on your part. You can also opt for virtual private servers (VPS), which give you control over some parts of your server environment, such as memory allocation and operating system selection. However, VPS hosts still manage other aspects of your environment such as security updates and configuration management.

What does Dedicated Servers Hosting offer you?

A Dubai dedicated server host is a service provider that allows you to rent a separate physical server to run your own software applications. With full control over your hardware, you can install and configure any software or operating system (such as Windows) at any time without worrying about compatibility issues. You are also responsible for administering, securing, and maintaining your dedicated server. This means you will have complete access to all of its features and resources, such as processor cores, RAM, hard disk space, and bandwidth. This flexibility is ideal if you want to use your hosting space for more than one application or website. If your business has grown beyond what shared hosting can offer but doesn’t require an enterprise solution like a private cloud environment, then a dedicated server might be right for you.

Why Every Business Should Consider a Dedicated Server

Cloud hosting and virtualization are taking off in a big way, but dedicated servers offer businesses an important advantage: total control. That is, dedicated servers let you run your own machine (or multiple machines, if you’re feeling particularly tech-savvy). So there’s no third party getting in between you and your users. You set up everything—the operating system, server applications, data backups—everything. And that means you can make sure things run smoothly. Plus, because you have complete access to your server(s), you can customize them as much as possible to fit with your business needs. It’s not for everyone, but it may be just right for yours.

Dubai Dedicated Server

Some Benefits of Dubai Dedicated Server

You can connect to a powerful server just for you, which ensures that your sites will load quickly, even if it’s under heavy traffic. Good business use. A dedicated server is beneficial for running certain e-commerce websites and high-end web applications. Best performance: By having a dedicated machine solely. You can guarantee that your websites will always run at optimal speed and efficiency. Other users from affecting your server performance with their own operations.

Better Performance

Hosting providers are like other service companies. You can’t do business with a company if their service is bad. The performance of these servers is far better than any other dedicated server provider in Dubai and they provide more advantages to its customers. They also provide technical support and services to their customers round-the-clock because they know that without a reliable team, there will be no business in the future. All these things make them the top Dubai Dedicated Server provider in Dubai at present time.

High Security

Data centers are not as secure as a private servers. There is a high risk that your website can be easily hacked by other people who have access to it. Onlive Server provides high-security features and hosting services that are safe from hacking threats. Our data center is equipped with modern tools and technologies to safeguard your data.


You’ve taken some time to think about what you want to achieve on your own. You’ve thought about those goals and have decided that working towards them is going to be worthwhile. You’re now ready to take those steps, but where do you start? What should you look out for? How will you know if it is working? we provide Dubai VPS Server Providers so as not just to host a website, but also to provide proper guidance and support for our customers. We hope the Onlive Server review will be helpful for customers who are in search of the best service provider in Dubai.