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Get Windows VPS Server: With business solutions & support by Onlive Server

In situations where your site does not have adequate space, or you have to add other software to make the site work, you have to turn from regular hosting to VPS. On the VPS, your isolated setting and resource limit are guaranteed. And full root access to install every software and adapt the system to your project as specifically as possible.

Your Windows VPS Server instance provides you with maximum administrative control. Applications built for older Windows versions are compatibility running correctly, meaning that your VPS does the thing no matter what sort of app you choose.

Windows VPS Hosting:

Windows VPS hosting is a Microsoft Windows-based virtual private hosting service. The server uses Windows VPS Hyper-V technology. The VPS desktop appears overlaid to the local system desktop after connecting the VPS via RDP. You can install any application on your VPS with administrative control. The cheap windows VPS is more secure than shared hosting. Windows VPS Hosting is the best choice for those who need administrative server access.

Cheap Windows VPS configure the VPS to match the requirements. Most users use their Windows VPS as their virtual desktop. You should customize the VPS so that up to two users should connect remotely. You can remotely deliver applications that need highly specialized resources.

Main Features

  • Computing simplicity, speed, and flexibility: Improve Windows VPS or SpinVPS with 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD.
  • Ten regions of the cloud server: Serve your customers around the globe from 10 locations. 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD platform improve performance with SpinVPS.
  • Improve security: the hosting servers are virtualized inside the Linux kernel. For better performance, hardware acceleration built into the processor is used.
  • Find out more about Spin VPS Cloud: Monitoring, backups, and screenshots keep things going smoothly.
  • 99.99% Uptime: Put it running as long as the server is up. The performance is almost uninterrupted.
  • Strong API: The HTTP REST API lets you access your account and resources in their vital information.
  • Scalable & Custom: Scale up or down your cloud resources, depending on your needs.

The built architecture of Windows Server

Windows Server offers a flexible and easy to use interface. A Windows VPS can be configured up for remote, website, or SQL database hosting applications. In the onsite domain controller of your organization, you can also connect your Windows VPS.

Windows VPS brings a tremendous advantage to Internet entrepreneurs. The top applications of the industry appear to be high in resource intensity. Therefore, it makes sense a dedicated Windows VPS is leased to allocate these workloads at an affordable cost.

Reasons to choose Cheap Windows VPS:

  • Blazing fast Uplinks: Every Windows VPS has an improved 1Gbps burstable connection level. Your VPS can quickly restore and upload data without bottlenecks with a reliable 1Gbps network.
  • Fail-Proof Storage: The VPS Hosting’s SSDs use RAID 50. If a disk fails, the RAID 50 storage array would simultaneously failover in two hot spares.
  • Full Admin Functionality: Control your Windows VPS with RDP & SolusVM completely. Use the SolusVM dashboard to receive in-depth analyzes of the VPS and complete administration.
  • Your scheduling support: The VPS Hosting is available to assist you. The experts help their virtual private servers with enthusiasm 24/7/365. It takes less than 30 minutes to average resolution.
  • Solid Hard Drives: Cheap Windows VPS helps you to set up your VPS according to your needs. Many customers use their VPS as a virtual desktop.

Cheap Windows VPS:

Cheap Windows VPS is one of the easiest ways to boost website performance with a lack of expense and adaptability. In contrast with other hosting systems. The business offers the latest Windows VPS services for users to be more flexible and cost-effective. They wipe away the issues and conflicts with the Windows server with the VPS plans. So you have full control over the Windows server. Hosting engineer offers the best and highest efficiency solutions. With the most inexpensive Windows VPS Server, which is online, you can launch your company website in the digital world.

Benefits to get from Windows VPS Server Hosting Plans: –

1. 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Trustworthy Services.

3. Immediate Response.

4. CMS on your choice for the best Installation.

5. Protection Guard.

6. Customization.

7. Unlimited Bandwidth.

8. Get Free One Domain.

A more competitive virtual server:

Due to over-sales of resources, a low price is obtained, which means more services being sold than on the server. The hosting services guarantee you a guaranteed amount and don’t rely on your neighbor’s server.

Speed, durability, and redundancy: 

Windows Server offers a flexible and easy-to-use interface. A Windows VPS can be set up for remote, website, or SQL database hosting applications. You can also attach your Windows VPS to the domain controller of your organization.

Security, Assistance & Flexibility:

The server is a world-class platform that can be customized to the needs of the company. Full administrative rights over the status of the VPS are given to Cheap VPS Server packages. You would get a thorough overview of the workload that shows you how the VPS handles the workload it has been given.


Windows VPS Server Hosting usually provides the most popular IT professionals. Windows VPS Server Hosting is the most reliable for business websites and the most versatile for them. The easiest and cheapest windows for OS are also available in the VPS Web server. You may check the Windows VPS Server hosting for more details. Windows VPS is one of the best ways to improve the website’s performance and cost-efficiency relative to the other hosting schemes.