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How a Cheap Dedicated Server Can Uplift Your Business Growth?

Choosing the type of a Cheap Dedicated Server for an internet portal belongs to the most essential choices that the owner of an internet portal will make. This originates from the fact that there are several different types of web hosting. It is considered that the website owner knows more about these types and chooses the one that will most benefit their business. One of the most popular types of web hosting is the dedicated server.

What Is The Dedicated Hosting Server?

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting in which an exclusive server is rented to the owner of an internet portal or organization. Besides, all of the server hardware and program elements are fully used by the client’s website. This kind of hosting has enough benefits, and this is what makes it so considerable for some types of companies.

A Guide to Select a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Service

All websites are not the same, and the claims of one internet portal have the possibility of not being similar to the claims of another website. So, the owner of each website must take into account some hardware and program information when choosing their cheap dedicated server hosting service. Some of them include:

Dedicated Server Hosting
  • The Server Processor

The first question that all website owners who want a cheap dedicated server hosting have to ask themselves is: How powerful should the server be? This is usually dependent on the type of website one has. Websites that require very powerful servers tend to have intensive scripts in a central processing unit, virtualization servers, sophisticated game servers, video transcoding servers, and SQL servers.

  • The Memory Claims of the Website

Before choosing a cheap dedicated server hosting, the owner of the website must take into account the memory requirements of the website and how this will affect its loading speeds. This is looking like random input memory. RAM is the usable data hosting capability that will allow visitors to the site to enter some information from the server. So, the more RAM an internet portal has, the faster it will load.

  • Accommodation Needs

The owner of an internet portal can choose the type and proportion of hard drives that they will have on their applied servers. This is usually dependent on whether they handle small, sensitive data, or huge proportions of data that aren’t very sensitive. An internet portal that handles unique or confidential user information has the possibility of having a single hard drive that stores the information and other hard drives that keep the backup. Thus, sensitive information is never lost.

  • Bandwidth Needs

This is usually dependent on the proportion of traffic that the website will have. It originates from the fact that the bandwidth will determine the proportion of data that has the possibility of being transferred from the server to the website, and vice versa, within a special period. This time is usually called the billing period. An internet portal that has enough visitors needs more bandwidth. Also, an internet portal that will have images, videos, and scripts that require intense communication from the information bank will require greater bandwidth.

  • Operating Systems

There are usually two primary OSs that are used on a cheap dedicated server: Windows and Linux. Whether one chooses a Windows server or a dedicated Linux server will depend on their website, in this way as on their particular claims. Websites that were programmed on an MS SQL or ASP.NET server will have to be hosted on a cheap dedicated server.

5 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Company for Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

When choosing a web hosting company for Cheap Dedicated Server hosting, there is a succession of causes to consider. They include:

  1. Technical Support

It is always important to ensure that the technical support package is going to be usable at all times to respond to the customer’s expectations. Thus, the client will be calm, since they will ensure that their website is always attended assuming that there is a problem.

  1. Activity Time

All website owners would prefer their website to be active at all times. This originates because whenever it falls, users lose. It is always preferable to ask a web hosting company about its percentage of uptime. It is preferable to work with companies that have an uptime percentage of at least 99.99 percent in a year.

  1. Individual Views

Many web hosting companies usually guarantee to do several things for the customer. However, only previous or recent users can provide an honest testimony of their experience with a company. It is always considerable to work with companies that have positive reviews. If previous users are satisfied, the potential customer may also be satisfied.

  1. Hardware and Program

It is essential to choose a company that has all the hardware and software requirements that your company requires. This is the exclusive way that the Cheap Dedicated Server is going to be ideal for business.

  1. Price

You always have to take into account the value of hosting with a particular company. Beyond the fact that it is not advisable to compromise quality with value, it is always preferable to stay with a company that has reasonable costs. Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting tends to be more expensive than shared or VPS hosting, but the value should not be unreasonable. The viable customer must turn to ensure that the hosting company of their choice offers tremendous value at a reasonable price.


Dedicated hosting has quite a bit of profit, and there is a succession of causers to consider when choosing a Cheap Dedicated Server and a web hosting company. However, an individual who reveals that a dedicated server is not what he requires can still choose shared web hosting. This kind of hosting involves communicating a server with numerous other websites. It is very cheap and it is correct for small websites and blogs that do not have confidential information.

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Priyanka Bhandari
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