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The leading VPS hosting company, Onlive Server, offers inexpensive India VPS servers for eCommerce portals. The top VPS servers for your company website, gaming server, and CMS website can be found here. We can assist you if your project demands a high-performance VPS hosting server. The top India VPS Server is provided by Onlive Server, which allows access to the newest software and dedicated resources. We offer a 100% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock customer service. We have a team of professionals who can assist you in quickly getting the most outstanding performance out of your VPS server.

It provides many plans following your wants to pick the one that best fits your spending limit and preferences. We offer ordinary, premium plans with all the features our customers need at incredibly low pricing. To ensure your safety while using our service, we additionally provide security measures like firewalls, antivirus software packages, backups, etc.

The most outstanding VPS server for eCommerce portals is located in India. Why?

For eCommerce portals, India VPS Server is the ideal option. It is perfect for hosting your eCommerce portal due to its high speed and unlimited bandwidth. It is suitable for eCommerce websites because it is simple to run and maintain. Although the initial outlay will be substantial, the long-term savings will be significant.

One of the top servers now accessible is the India VPS Server. It has been built with various cutting-edge features to improve the functionality of your website. The key benefit of using VPS India is that it offers you an effective server at a reasonable cost. Given how inexpensive our pricing is compared to other VPS service providers; you may take advantage of all these advantages without worrying about the price.

Our Benefits

High Performance: India VPS hosting offers exceptional performance and speed because of its robust hardware setup. Separate virtual machines belonging to various clients are given access to the server’s resources. Therefore, no request or operation in any other customer’s server instance is interfered with.

Easy Maintenance: With India VPS Hosting, managing your website is simple. Maintaining your website is simpler because you can access all the tools directly from your control panel rather than through a browser on the outside.

High Security: With the aid of advanced firewalls and DDoS protection systems, it provides high-security features that make it very challenging for hackers to access your server or any individual component. These firewalls shield against DDOS assaults, making them considerably more secure than other Indian hosting services.

High Speed: With a fast network, Cheap VPS Hosting India loads pages faster than any other hosting service. This makes it ideal for eCommerce portals whose primary goal is to have customers load their pages rapidly.

Why Should Choose India VPS Server?

We are well aware of the significance of India, one of the nations with the fastest economic growth rates in the world. Building a website in India might bring in a lot of cash. Our VPS servers are made to meet all of your requirements to help your business succeed. We have a team of experts with years of experience in this area and have used our VPS Servers to help many organizations grow their businesses. We can assist you in quickly creating a website with all the desired features. Additionally, by offering them a tailored solution that fits their needs and budget, our hosting services are made to satisfy the specific requirements of each of our customers.

Windows or Linux as your operating system of choice

The most widely used commercial server operating system is Linux. It is an operating system that is open-source and free. This implies that you can install Linux-compatible software on your machines, such as MySQL or Apache, and have it integrate seamlessly with your SQL and web server software. Additionally, you’ll discover that there are many more online resources for Linux than for Windows. Tight security, improved performance, and more hardware configuration flexibility are benefits of running a Linux-based server.

There are numerous editions of Windows Server, including Windows Server 2007/2010/2012/2016/2019. Each performance contains various elements that both small and large enterprises can use. While the Datacenter version provides more sophisticated capabilities like network storage and clustering technologies, the Essentials edition comes with a web server license.


People often choose India VPS Server via the Onlive server because it is more robust, and they want to save money. Some people choose shared hosting when starting a new blog or online business. Most of the time, blogging people have their websites on a shared hosting account because they do not have enough money to buy a dedicated web server. But most of the time, these users face many problems due to the performance being used by other websites; even if the website is not online, there are visitors on the same shared hosting account. There are also problems because of bandwidth restrictions for some users. We, therefore, suggest that you select a dedicated server so that you can perform any task without any limits or regulations.