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Is Domain Authority Legitimate?

Is Domain Authority Legitimate?

Yes, Domain Authority is completely legal to use as it provides the information about the performance of websites or domains in the SERP. In contrast, Domain Authority score is the way to know about the ability of a website or domain on the search engine. It is the best way to know the status of the websites or domains.

By finding out the domain authority score of your websites or domains, you can improve your websites to perform better in the SEO ranking.

The Domain Authority score is based on the calculation of total number of links, linking root domains, and other factors. The score of domain authority ranges on the scale of 1 to 100.

You can use the DA PA Checker tool to know the domain authority score, page authority score, and furthermore about the domains or websites.

DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker is the best domain authority checking tool to check the updated performance of the domains or websites to know how they are working in the search engine. This tool is built by using advanced technology that fetches the present information about the domains or websites and displays it in a table.

Website owners can know the performance of their websites about how they are performing in the search engine, the age of domain, status code, and more. It is completely free to use for everyone students, teachers, content writers, or anyone who wants to know the updated information about the domains or websites.

The users don’t have to download any app for checking the domain authority, just visit in your browser, paste the website URLs, and click the button. We will discuss about the working of DA PA Checker in the following content.

Access this website tool on any of the latest browsers and devices such as Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tabs.

Working of DA PA Checker

  1. Open com in your browser.
  2. Write or paste the domain links or website URLs into the given input box.
  3. Now click the Check Domain Authority
  4. It will provide the results in a table quickly showing the Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and more about the websites or domains that you have entered in the input box.

Qualities of this Domain Authority Checker

Following are the advantageous qualities of the free online DA PA Checker tool.

Easy Interface

This DA PA Checker has the user-friendly interface in which users have to just paste the website URLs in the input box and click the check domain authority button without signing up, logging in, or registration.

Free to Use

You can use this domain authority checking tool to check multiple domains for completely free.

Quick Results

Get the updated results about the domains or websites in a few seconds with correctness and accuracy.


Use this tool on mobile or any latest devices and browsers that means you can access the DA PA Checker whenever you want.

Safe Environment

This tool is safe and secure to use as it doesn’t track the personal data or information of the visitors or users.

Blog Overview

Domain Authority is legal to use as it only provides the updated information about how the domains or websites are performing on the search engines. Check the domain authority of your domains with to be updated about them and try to improve their performances. In this blog, we have provided you the knowledge about the domain authority and about the DA PA tool you should use to know the performance about the domains or websites.