Prioritize your Windows Shared Hosting to get the Most Out of your business.

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

Windows Shared Hosting, also known as Windows Server Hosting or Windows Shared  Hosting, is a Web Server that runs the Windows operating system and is shared by numerous websites with various owners, making it affordable for anyone to begin hosting their own website.

Why choose Windows Shared Hosting?

It is a cost-effective yet robust hosting solution for websites that are still in the early stages of development but require complete customization control. You may use the Windows operating system to add software and plugins to improve your website’s experience and govern its security and functioning. Onlive Server’s latest Windows Hosting with Plesk improves the convenience of administering and scaling your website.

What distinguishes Windows Shared Hosting from other types of hosting?

Apart from its price and dependability, Shared Hosting offers a variety of benefits that make it a popular hosting option. The following are the most notable features:-
The latest Plesk panel
Free SSL certificate
Free Dedicated IP (plan-specific)
ASP.NET Hosting
One-click Script Installs
Professional email accounts
Advanced database and programming

For whom is the Windows Shared Hosting recommended?

In terms of adaptations and expansion, Hosting can accommodate any website. However, there is a lot of confusion and disagreement about whether Linux or Windows-based Web hosting is better. To put it another way, It is great for websites that want to use ASP.NET, MS-SQL databases, or.NET Core, which all require a Windows Operating System on the server. It’s also perfect for sites that use or want to utilize Plesk to manage their content.

When do I buy Windows Shared Hosting?

If you have already purchased or plan to purchase a domain name, you will require a hosting plan to host your website on the internet. It’s time to purchase your Hosting plan after you’re ready to begin developing your website and have selected to utilize Plesk as your control panel to manage it. As long as your server runs Windows, you’ll be able to develop your website with ASP.NET, MS-SQL databases, or.NET Core.

Where can I buy Windows Shared Hosting from?

In the field of web hosting, Onlive Server is a well-known and respected name. HostGator offers three different Hosting plans, depending on the needs and requirements of each individual website. You also get complete customer support and a slew of other features that make it easier to design, run, and expand your website with Onlive Server.
What factors should you consider before selecting a Hosting package for your company?
You must thoroughly examine and comprehend your website’s requirements before selecting the ideal Windows Hosting in India package for your website. You may have simple requirements today, but consider how those requirements will alter as you grow. Also, be aware of your website’s scope and how you want to scale it. The Enterprise  Hosting plan is the most recommended because it takes into account a website’s expanding needs and provides complete support. However, if you’re just getting started, the Starter and Personal  Cheap Reseller Hosting plans may be sufficient for your needs, and you can always upgrade later.


The Onlive Server Company offering these services are reliable and offer good quality services to their clients. They have experts who can provide assistance whenever you need help with the website or hosting issues. They make sure that you get the right information and assistance at the right time when you need it the most. These firms provide quality services at an affordable cost. In addition to this plans also provide various features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain name, many web applications, etc., which is why they are considered as one of the best among all other hosting plans