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PS Tray Factory – innovative Tray Icons Management Software.

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PS Soft Lab announces PS Tray Factory 3.3

Innovative Tray Icons Management Software released February, 16 2016

February, 16 2016 — PS Soft Lab announced version 3.3 of its conceptual Windows TaskTray extension solution that allows saving valuable TaskTray space by removing user-specified icons while preserving all the functionality associated with such icons. PS Tray Factory is the easiest way to organize TaskTray icons as a pop-up menu available by clicking special symbol in Tray notification area. Thanks to advanced technology the program operates on any version of Windows, not just the latest Windows 10.

PS Tray Factory is intended both for home and corporate environments where uncluttered operating system interface is the logical step towards improving computer operation. The application behavior is fully customizable allowing users to specify which icons to hide and which should be left intact. Thanks to intuitive user interface and detailed help system it is essentially easy to use PS Tray Factory. Seamless system interface integration and flawless operation make this software one of the most intriguing parts of Windows interface. According to multiple studies by independent usability experts, systems running PS Tray Factory ensure up to 30 per cent time economy on quick access and Tray manipulations which in turn results in less overall end user frustration.

“Basing on our studies, it is apparent that TaskTray is the perfect tool for speeding up software control, providing the number of icons is less than five to seven,” – said Sergey Poplavsky, CEO of PS Soft Lab. “Otherwise, the human perception plays trick on end user resulting in high level of frustration caused by inability to locate the required icon. When creating PS Tray Factory we followed the natural way of human mind operation: when it comes to selecting from multitude of common choices, our mind prefers to shift from extensive to intensive model. That is exactly what our software does with TaskTray icons!”

About PS Soft Lab

Founded in 1999, PS Soft Lab specializes in operating system shell extension software for Windows platform. Product range is targeted both on corporate and home computing environment customers. The Company’s researchers conduct studies as to possible operating system enhancements and human-to-computer communication technologies. PS Soft Lab also offers IT-consulting services as well as product training and custom software development.

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