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Reliable Managed Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business from Onlive Server

We are the common Web Server Hosting Provider. Our organization offers a number of specs that make the Web Server web hosting Plan. We supply VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers for all buyers. Our Managed Dedicated Server Hosting offers more server help to optimize internet site efficiency. We are going to be totally conscious of these facets and benefits. Hereby, you can begin the biggest devoted setup at your expert work-related website. Dedicated hosting is one of the best hosting services in today’s market. It provides high performance and security to your website at an affordable price. With managed dedicated server hosting, you can easily install applications like PHP, Perl, or Python on your servers and manage them from our control panel.

Reliable Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are looking for hosting service providers managed dedicated server hosting is the best option to go with. It helps in maintaining the security and stability of your website or application. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting provides high-speed connections that ensure an uninterrupted flow of data through its servers. Dedicated hosting is the best option for businesses and entrepreneurs. In this case, you have control over your data and hosting resources. Dedicated hosting helps in faster website loading time, better security as compared to shared hosting plans, high-performance servers that are powerful enough to run multiple websites at once, etc.

Dedicated hosting is a popular hosting service for small businesses and enterprises. There are many other options that can be used to host your website or application including VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. A managed dedicated server is different from the other types of servers. It is designed with special features so as to deliver the best performance possible for your business.

The Advantages of Cheap Web Hosting:

1) Onlive Server offers the Best Dedicated Server Hosting our dedicated server can be an effective computer. It is usually advisable for Onlive companies and digital marketers.

2) With the assist of a Dedicated Server you can manipulate loads of websites through one host. And reveal or keep them easily.

3) Here you can get full manipulate and whole root access inside the host put. It to make use of in accordance with your needs

4)Our Dedicated Server Provides a personalized choice. So you can effortlessly set up your personal private software program on your very own server. You get dedicated surroundings such as your steps probably do not affect different people. If you must be web hosting highly touchy data on your very own private machine. This better safety will be any other most important gain for your enterprise in dedicated server options.

5) By the use of a Dedicated Server you don’t fear Security due to the fact Security. It is the primary element for every Online enterprise through digital. Each kind of security is very important. You get exceptional protection for your every and every information data. It is secure with industry-leading protection practices and managed through top-level certified network engineers. Talk to us about your entire security and compliance requirements.

Managed dedicated server hosting V/S unmanaged dedicated servers?

A managed dedicated server hosting is not just about the hosting provider. It’s also about how well you work with your hosting company. How you treat them and what kind of support they give to their customers, will determine. If it’s a good or bad experience for your business. Managed hosting is not only reliable but also a great way to save on server costs. You can now get affordable hosting from managed hosting providers, which will provide you with the best service and support. Managed dedicated servers offer stability and reliability unmatched by unmanaged or shared hosting services.

What Web Server Management options do you provide?

Managed server hosting is an ideal solution for businesses that want to manage their server needs. It offers a lot of benefits and features such as 24/7 support, server monitoring, remote access, etc. The downside of a Cheap Dedicated Server is that you have to pay monthly or yearly fees. Which may not be affordable for some small business owners who don’t have enough budget.

A dedicated server is a server that has dedicated to one client. It uses for hosting websites, databases, and other servers. It provides a service where the server is managed by your organization. You pay only for the resources consumed by your application or website on the server

What Dedicated Server Management options do you provide?

Dedicated server hosting is a solution that offers you server and website management services. It is set up in many different ways. Depending on the needs of your business. You have a choice to choose between shared or dedicated servers. You also have several options for managing your website’s content by CMS (Content Management System) tools like WordPress, Joomla, etc. We provide server management options like server administration, server configuration, and monitoring. You can choose the solution that is best for you according to your business requirements, budget, and timeline.

With server management services, you can access your server from anywhere at any time. This allows you to manage and control your server from the convenience of wherever you are. You can also take advantage of multiple servers for different purposes without having to purchase a separate dedicated server for each purpose.


With the Onlive Server, you will be able to access your dedicated server via our easy-to-use web interface. Or choose from a range of third-party software solutions available in the marketplace.