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Simplify Creating, Editing, and Formatting Partitions with Active@ Partition Manager 23

June 12, 2023: This new and improved software makes creating, editing, deleting, and formatting partitions a breeze. It is the ultimate in disk management that offers a wide range of unique features and tools ideal for those advanced users at home as well as full IT teams in massive networks or businesses.

With Active@ Partition Manager 23, you can quickly resize, create, delete, or format partitions through an easy-to-understand user interface. Clients and team members will appreciate how easy it is to allocate space on various drives according to the unique tasks of your operations. You get support for all the significant file and sector systems like NTFS, ReFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS+, Ext2-4, and more.

Formatting is much easier when you can work without interrupting the disk reliance of users on separate partitions. You can format a logical drive or partition in one sector while resources are being allocated in another. Or conveniently convert MBR to GPT and vice versa with the added protection of rollback. This ensures that if you make a mistake or accidentally delete a partition, there is a built-in fail-safe to ensure you can undo that error and get back on track without needing secondary support from other third-party software applications.

Active@ Partition Manager 23 is not restricted to only Windows-based PCs. You can use the versatile software for a number of storage devices like traditional HDs, SSDs, USB flash drives, and more. Even if you have larger than usual FAT32 partitions of 32GB to 1TB, you can still manage all the essential operations inside the application.

Users will be amazed at how simple it is to view critical and detailed attributes of a partition or separate a USB into multiple sectors for ease of use. That includes being able to format a flash memory as NTFS on a USB thumb drive or synchronize boot sectors. Between resizing partition features and marking various sectors as active, this is a beneficial addition to any IT team’s critical toolkit.

You can learn more about how to best utilize Active@ Partition Manager 23 by visiting The latest version includes many new improvements like an updated QT framework to version 5.12.5 and various bug fixes that ensure a safe and easy-to-use application.