Beauty Tips

Supply Basis Type is important step to know more about beauty products

Supply Basis Type is important step to know more about beauty products.

Liquid foundation

The foundation we introduce is usually liquid. Liquid foundation is available in oil-based and water-based formulations for all skin types. Traditionally, liquid foundation has been the first choice for dry skin. Because it is easy to use, it is the perfect choice for beginners of makeup. You can apply the foundation with a sponge, brush, and practice a little, even with your fingers. As far as the coverage is concerned, liquid foundation is widely used, which can be used for mild (even skin color), moderate (covering slight defects) and severe (covering pore expansion and dark spots).

It seems that liquid foundation is the answer to all problems, right? It’s not true. High coverage of liquid foundation can clog pores, leading to white and black heads. When worn for a long time, sweat and grease will make the liquid foundation appear mottled.

Powder foundation

If you have oily skin, foundation cream is a good supplement to your cosmetic bag. Because the foundation is based on talc, it can absorb the excess oil secreted by the skin. However, if your skin is very greasy, you will notice that the foundation becomes caked after a period of time. Dry skin should avoid using this foundation, because this foundation cannot fill wrinkles and wrinkles, which are more obvious on dry skin, and are prone to “acne”. You should be familiar with the powder press. There are also loose powder foundations on the market. The foundation is best applied with a brush or sponge (do not use your fingers!).

The coverage of foundation cream ranges from light (transparent) to medium. Try to use powder as a full coverage foundation, and apply multiple layers to make your face look seriously caked. Foundation will also change color after reacting with sweat and oil. Considering the coverage of light, it does not help to cover fine lines and defects.

Foundation cream

If you have dry skin and want to participate in a whole day of activities, then foundation cream will be your best choice. The high-definition foundation can last for 10 hours without wrinkles or lumps, so that your skin can always keep moisture. The coverage of foundation cream is medium, that is, it can cover slight defects and very fine lines.