Vivaldi gets more powerful and works across all devices including iPhones and in cars.

OSLO, Norway – October 26, 2023 Recently, we launched Vivaldi on iOS. This means you can experience browsing that is powerful, personal, and private on all major platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, and Android Automotive – making it a truly cross-platform browser. We are thrilled about our cross-platform expansion and to […]

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Massive code refactoring brings speed to Vivaldi browser

OSLO, Norway – August 30, 2023 Over the years, some of you have reported that the opening of new windows was not fast enough. But not anymore! Our new version on desktop – Vivaldi 6.2 – is now faster, especially when you open a new window. By rendering browser windows through React portals, we’ve unlocked […]

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GlassWire 3.3 is Available for Download!

We have launched a new version of our free firewall software, GlassWire 3.3, and are excited to share many new features with you! This latest release finally addresses all the major concerns longstanding v2 users had with the initial v3 release. Along with improvements and bug fixes, we have collated feedback and suggestions from our […]

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Copy links from multiple selected tabs with a right-click and share information quickly.

OSLO, Norway – 8 June 2023 Today, we are thrilled to share new features that will change the way you experience the Vivaldi browser on your desktop. With the release of version 6.1, our powerful and personal browser goes even further. COPY & SHARE LINKS FROM TABS, TAB STACKS IN A JIFFY At our core, […]

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Vivaldi bypasses restrictions to access Bing Chat. Improves Workspaces.

June 8, 2023 – Today, we launch the new version, Vivaldi 6.1, on desktop and notebooks. It is now ready for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS. VIVALDI SENDS A CLEAR HINT TO MICROSOFT BING CHAT Vivaldi is built on top of the Chromium open-source project. It’s the same core used in Microsoft Edge and […]