Computer News

Launching of RDS-Remote Support: The Ultimate TeamViewer Alternative for Efficient Remote Assistance

As an RDS administrator, technical support service, or MSP, IT professionals must face the challenges of troubleshooting when it comes to helping someone with a software-related issue remotely. That’s where RDS-Remote Support comes in, providing a secure, smart, and cost-effective solution for efficient remote assistance via Remote Desktop control and Windows session sharing. The current […]

Internet News

RDS-Knight Becomes RDS-Advanced Security to Combat Growing 2023 Cyberthreats

In light of the predicted increase in ransomware attacks this year, RDS-Tools has recently updated its RDS-Knight software to release RDS-Advanced Security, the all-in-one cybersecurity program for remote desktop installations, to protect organizations of all sizes against growing cyberthreats. Proactive Defence Against Ransomware Threats RDS-Advanced Security (formerly RDS-Knight) includes powerful features to protect against ransomware […]