Vivaldi gets more powerful and works across all devices including iPhones and in cars.

OSLO, Norway – October 26, 2023 Recently, we launched Vivaldi on iOS. This means you can experience browsing that is powerful, personal, and private on all major platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, and Android Automotive – making it a truly cross-platform browser. We are thrilled about our cross-platform expansion and to […]

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Massive code refactoring brings speed to Vivaldi browser

OSLO, Norway – August 30, 2023 Over the years, some of you have reported that the opening of new windows was not fast enough. But not anymore! Our new version on desktop – Vivaldi 6.2 – is now faster, especially when you open a new window. By rendering browser windows through React portals, we’ve unlocked […]