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Understanding the Requirements of a Cheap Gaming Dedicated Server

It is absolutely true that a cheap dedicated server can help out with almost everything. But what about users who require strong and robust gaming servers?

Major technological progress has been made with time. But suffering from latency and lag has always remained a struggle for gaming enthusiasts across the world. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that modern networks have become more efficient in comparison to the dialup modems available in the past. But games have also evolved rapidly demanding large quantities of statistics to be transmitted amongst the partakers. For the ones who are in the lookout of solutions for hosting their online gaming servers, curtailing the dormancy and delay to offer their players with hindrance-free and enjoyable gaming experiences remains the main issue. Here, the key is making the choice of the perfect gaming dedicated server.

Making the Choice of the Perfect Gaming Dedicated Server

Gaming remains the driving force behind different areas experiencing large scale technological growth. This starts with artificial intelligence to computer graphics. Different games have carried out the task of pushing hardware to an extent that is more than anything else and this has been possible with the dawn of the era of computer gaming. The majority of the players seem to be lured by the varied games hosting agencies providing tantalizingly affordable or cheap dedicated server hosting solutions. Here again, it is important for users to keep in mind that they will be getting only what they pay for. The same goes for businesses that are in the lookout of a storage dedicated server.

The cheap dedicated server hosting providers offer superbly low prices in several ways. But the problem with these companies is that since they charge very low prices for the gaming dedicated server that they offer, they generally do not have the capacity of hosting the in-demand games. This can ultimately have a negative influence on the experience of the players.  In this context, shared hosting offers a slice of one dedicated server that is shared with the other individuals or sites hosting their very own games. On such servers, resources remain open to be shared by the sites being hosted on the server and they can even be resold. These servers work on the consideration that the majority of the players would not be playing the same games at the same time.

Sites that want their players to have the best of online gaming experience should make it a point to host their games on a cheap dedicated server. This can help in avoiding inconsistent performance and shared resources. The sites should choose their servers in a way to complement the exclusive profiles of their games. Remember, there are some games that demand more process speed or RAM while there are others requiring more IO. Going for the right gaming dedicated server hosting solution can help users in finding the ideal server for their requirements.

Important Hardware Components to be Considered

There are some important hardware components that need to be considered when making the choice of cheap dedicated server hosting solutions for hosting gaming sites.  These include:

CPU or Central Processing Unit

The CPU servers as the brain of the server. majority of the game server programs and applications tend to be CPU-intensive and this is the reason why it is necessary to make the choice of a CPU carefully. Modern CPUs are available in a couple of flavors and they are moderately fast with several cores and fast with very few cores. The multi-core servers offer best performance for game server applications developed for taking the benefit of multithreading. However, the ones that do not have such requirements can do with CPUs featuring single-core speed.


This is yet another hardware element worth consideration when making the choice of a cheap dedicated server for hosting gaming sites. Solid State Drives or SSDs tend to be more expensive in comparison to hard drives. However, their prices seem to be very low. Games that need to store a lot of data on the servers can greatly benefit from SSD storage that offers increased IO speeds.

Features to Look Out for in Gaming Dedicated Server Providers

Network latency, DDoS protection and proper support are the three most important features to look out for in gaming dedicated server providers. Network latency is the delay that the users experience in transferring data via a network from one point to the other. Network latency is significant for immersion and for creating a certain level of playing field in online gaming. DDoS protection means that the hosting provider should be able to help its users in defending their servers against attacks. Proper support comes for everything that seems to be overlooked. It always works to go for providers who have the ability of providing 24/7 customer support

Some common questions about dedicated server hosting are as follows:

  1. What are the important attributes of the best gaming dedicated server hosting providers?

DDoS protection, optimized network and SSD are some important attributes of gaming dedicated server providers.

  1. Do hosts offer different versions of Windows operating system?

Yes, the hosts operate different versions of Windows servers and users need to check the packages thoroughly for making the right choice.

  1. Is it possible to use CPanel on Windows?

No, alternatives control panels need to be used on Windows.

  1. Is Windows needed for gaming servers?

Yes, you can use it as a great tool.

  1. Why gaming enthusiasts require dedicated servers?

They require dedicated servers for the best gaming experience.

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