What is an Industrial RO Plant? What are the advantages and applications of Industrial RO Plants?

Our planet is made up of water but most of it is unfit for human consumption. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems, which are one of the most effective salt removal procedures, can assist to provide tertiary treatment of wastewater for re-use purposes in industrial sector or primary treatment of water for drinking purposes in commercial sector. Netsol Water Solutions, situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a well-known industrial RO plant manufacturer and commercial RO plant manufacturer. We design and build these systems for water and wastewater treatment, as well as for drinking water purposes.

What is an Industrial RO Plant?

Industrial RO Plants use a membrane separation procedure that produces fresh, low-salinity water from a saline water source such as seawater or brackish water or wastewater from industries. For both big and small flows, reverse osmosis is particularly effective in treating brackish, surface, industrial, domestic and ground water. It is a method of producing water which is suited for a wide range of industrial applications. After the RO system, further post-treatments can improve the RO permeate quality and make it appropriate for the most demanding industrial use. RO system’s pre-treatment and monitoring are also critical for avoiding costly repairs and unscheduled maintenance.

Contaminants removed by Industrial RO Plants

These systems remove typical chemical pollutants, metal ions, aqueous salts such as sodium, chloride, copper, chromium, and lead, as well as reduce arsenic, fluoride, radium, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, and phosphorus along with TDS and different biological contaminants.

Features of our Industrial RO Plants

Our Industrial RO Plants are:

1: Energy efficient, especially when utilized to generate high-purity water;

2: Have lower utility costs, i.e., lower water and wastewater usage prices;

3: Is very simple to use, i.e., the design is modular for ease of installation and use.

Components of our Industrial RO Plants

Our commercial Ro plant manufacturers systems are well-built to meet the incoming water’s standard. In most cases, the standard structure includes the following elements:

1: Raw water pump;

2: Pre-treatment units;

3: Antiscalant units;

4: Multimedia Filters;

5: RO Pressure Pumps with energy-saving technologies;

6: Post-treatment units.

Our organization offers a one-stop shop for design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. We are one of the most recognised suppliers of Industrial RO Plants, with capacities ranging from 50 LPH, 100 LPH, 150 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH, 3000 LPH, 5000 LPH, 6000 LPH, 8000 LPH, and 10,000 LPH. We are willing to make changes to meet the needs of our customers.


Benefits of Industrial RO Plants

1: These are utilized for the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater;

2: These plants are produced to treat industrial feed water;

3: These systems are easy to use, which saves time and money;

4: They have modular structure that enables the “Plug and Play” mode;

5: In our Industrial RO Plants, an automated process is carried out, which requires

minimum oversight;

6: These RO Units are lightweight and portable;

7: The concentration volume is less, but the recovery rate is large.

8: It is efficient in terms of energy use.

9: Control panel is fully automated, which is composed of stainless steel. It can be compact or movable.

10: These systems are built for long-term use.

11: These are dependable and efficient.

12: These plants are used for desalination as well as purification of water in a range of sectors.

13: These are designed to remove desirable constituents while retaining water purity

Applications of Industrial RO Plants


Now as we have some information on Industrial RO plants, you must be thinking! Where are these plants employed? So, let us go through some areas of application of Industrial RO Plants.

1: Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems


13: Food & beverage waste-to-energy solutions
2: Boiler Feedwater Treatment Systems


 14: Water for Injection systems
3: Cadmium Cyanide Electroplating


15: Filamentous Bacteria Control System
4: Central Sterile Processing Systems


16: Control system for PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS
5: Water and wastewater clarification Systems


17: Desulfurization of Flue Gas (FGD) for the Remediation of Wastewater and Groundwater
6: Clinical Chemistry and Diagnostics and laboratories


18: Treatment Systems for Chromate, Chromic Acid and Hexavalent Chromium
7: Treatment Systems for Process Water


19: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems for Water Recycle & Reuse
8: Treatment Systems for Semi-conductor sector


20: Solution system for Leachate from Landfills
9: Treatment Control for Selenium Removal


21: Dairy Industry
10: Treatment of Tailings Pond and Mine Pit Water


22: Marine Sector
11: Filtration of Wastewater at the Tertiary Level


23: Water Reuse for Microelectronics
12: Treatment Services for Vapour Control


24: Metals Removal for the Mining Industry

Choosing the best manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial RO Plants!

We are one of the best Industrial RO Plant manufacturer and supplier in India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Nepal, and other neighbouring countries. We deliver the finest quality industrial RO plants to meet our customers’ needs. Simple and easy operation is one of our specialties, and the automation plants we’ve designed ensure that our customers have a stress-free experience. Our reverse osmosis systems can supply safe, efficient, cost-effective, and dependable fresh water to you.

Because of sophisticated pre-treatment methods, our Industrial RO plants can have membranes with a longer lifespan. We’ve been gathering data from systems and servicing our equipment’s for years. By sharing this information with our development team, we can come up with even better solutions. This business strategy has been the core of our success, allowing us to provide the straightforward and hassle-free service that our customers expect today.

For more information related to our Industrial RO Plants or its purchase, contact us at +91 9650608473 or drop a mail at

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