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Error 1904 Module Failed to Register QuickBooks: Top Resolutions

QuickBooks Desktop installation on the computer requires several Windows components, and any technical fault in these components can disrupt the installation process.  icwrapper.dll failed to register QuickBooks

One of the common installation errors is error 1904 module failed to register QuickBooks, which arises when some of the essential QB installation files cannot be registered on the system due to faulty Windows components error 1904 module failed to register.

Some more reasons for this technical issue, along with effective resolutions, are provided in this blog.” error 1904 module failed to register hresult contact your support personnel”

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1904 Installation Error in QuickBooks: Most Common Factors

The 1904 Installation Error in QuickBooks gets triggered due to the reasons listed below:

  • If the user does not possess sufficient Windows permissions for the QB installation or if the hard drive has some technical glitches, then QB Error 1904 can arise easily. 
  • Interruption in the QB installation process by firewall or antivirus programs can also provoke this technical problem. 

What Are the Best Resolutions to Easily Tackle 1904 QB Desktop Installation Error Message?

The 1904 QB Desktop Installation Error Message can be fully rectified using the resolutions listed below:

Resolution 1: Troubleshoot the installation problems through the ‘QB Install Diagnostic Tool.’

  • Firstly, jump to Intuit’s official website to search for the relevant download link for the QuickBooks Tool Hub, and once you find that link, you must tap on it so that the QuickBooks Tool Hub gets immediately downloaded on your system.
  • Find out the exact location where the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file has been saved on your computer, and then you can very easily open up that file to follow the installation sequence. 
  • Once you have correctly carried out the QB Tool Hub installation, you shall just open it up to search for the ‘Installation Issues’ tab, and after finding it, you must click on it so that you can finally hit the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’ icon.
  • This tool will completely weed out all the installation problems as soon as its execution is completed, and then you need to reboot your system, following which you can successfully attempt to get the QB Desktop installed. 

Resolution 2: Correctly configure the required ‘Microsoft .NET frameworks’ to ensure successful installation of the QB Desktop application

  • To edit the ‘Microsoft .NET framework’ component settings, you must first launch the ‘Control Panel’ to hit the ‘Uninstall a Program tab immediately. Now finally, hit the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ button on your screen.
  • After that, a separate list of all the ‘.NET frameworks’ will appear on the screen, and then you shall find out the checkbox pertaining to the ‘.NET framework 4.5’ in that list.
  •  If that checkbox is unmarked, then you must check it and vice-versa. After that, hit the ‘OK’ button to save the new changes of the ‘.NET framework 4.5’ and restart the system; at the same time, ensure that you have again turned on the ‘.NET framework 4.5’ by just marking its checkbox.
  • To repair the remaining ‘.NET frameworks’ such as ‘.NET framework 3.5SP1, 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8’, you can follow the same procedure, and once all of them are successfully repaired, you can easily install the QB application on your system. 

Use these step-wise resolutions in an attentive manner to fully exterminate the error 1904 module failed to register QuickBooks. If you need more guidance, you can dial +1(855)-738-0359
to contact our QB Professionals Team.