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Kolkata Fatafat is a number based game in which people gamble on a fixed number. Kolkata Fatafat game is played every day. This game is one of the most played lottery games across Kolkata. This game is legally sanctioned and the Kolkata Fatafat Result of the game is released by the authorities every day. People whose numbers appear on the result are rewarded with the winning amount.

This game is released 8 times in a day which makes the game more interesting. Through this article, you will get the latest updates on Kolkata Fatafat Result. Such as price amount, Kolkata FF Result Today (Kolkata Fatafat Result Today), procedure to check Kolkata FF Result (Kolkata FF Result), and other things. Kolkata FF Results are updated here daily so stay updated with our article to see Latest Results.

Chal is especially among the middle class, lower class people. They mainly played Calcutta Football. Now you can play this game only in Kolkata. But all sports have risks, so does Calcutta Football. Keep in mind that there is considerable risk involved in playing this game. You have to play the game carefully. Kolkata Fatafat is the most important online game that is played in Kolkata.

This is a legal game, in which a large number of people invest their money in it. Kolkata FF has become a famous game of West Bengal. Kolkata Fatafat is played 8 times a day from Monday to Saturday. Played only 4 times on Sundays. In this only one number has to be guessed and the person who guesses the correct number gets a big amount.


In Kolkata Fatafat Game a lot of people put a huge amount at stake. A number has to be selected in the game. A large amount of money is also given in the prize if the correct number is selected. The prize money will depend on the position secured by the winners. The details of the prize money are given in the table below.

Lottery Sambad Result

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