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Usable Fixes For QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Issue

QuickBooks data needs to be migrated while moving to a different software product, or the migration is also useful for users to move their data into QuickBooks from another bookkeeping software. Many users reported that QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly on their PCs. So, we came up with this blog to help them understand the reasons data transfer can terminate and the steps needed to fix the issue. If you also face trouble moving your data, keep reading to know more.

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You can sometimes face trouble migrating your QuickBooks data, which can damage your data and make it corrupt. The primary causes QuickBooks data migration terminates on your PC are mentioned below-

  • The company file is damaged, and the Migration tool develops issues when it tries to export the data in the file.
  • The company file size exceeds 7,50,000 targets, which isn’t admissible during data migration.
  • The company file fails to run during migration due to invalid characters or spaces in its name.


Data migration will continuously fail, and your data might get permanently lost if the conditions responsible for the issues aren’t fixed. You must apply the following steps to prevent the Data Migration tool from facing issues-

Solution- Install the latest QB tool hub version and launch the QB File Doctor tool

You might face trouble moving your QB data using the migration tool due to a damaged company file. You should always create a full backup of your business data before migrating it to overcome issues like data loss or corruption. Another thing to keep in mind is that QuickBooks and Windows on both the PC must be updated to the latest versions to prevent compatibility issues from developing. A corrupt or damaged company file is a significant reason for the failure in data migration. So, you need to repair your company file before migrating it to ensure the data migration doesn’t fail again. You can do it easily with the QB tool hub as described in the steps given below-

  • Visit the official QB website on a web browser and go to the Downloads & Updates page.
  • Enter the details of the QB product you use and download the latest QB tool hub version on your PC.
  • Open the QuickBooksToolhub.exe file after it is completely downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool hub.
  • Launch the QB tool hub after completing the installation and go to the Company file issues menu.
  • Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from the options and tap Browse to enter the data file’s location.
  • Start the file doctor tool by entering your QB Admin password and wait until the file is completely repaired.
  • Go to the data file location after the file doctor tool stops and right-click on the file.
  • Select Rename in the options and remove invalid symbols like |, &, <, >, etc. from the file name.
  • Also, ensure the file name doesn’t have spaces in the beginning or in between the name & its extension.
  • Save the company file and try migrating it again.


This blog shared the potential reasons why QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly on your system. You can also find the counter methods in the blog, which will help you prevent issues during data migration in the future.
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