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Beautiful Oregon for Young Drivers: Rules and Tips

Oregon lies on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Tourists adore it for its picturesque capes. Whether you think of where to head to that mountainous state in the northwest, we suggest a unique route, the Three Capes Scenic Drive. In addition, we will reveal to you some rules for young drivers and the secrets of this state. Come along to know more!

Preorder and pick up a car

There are many locations across the state where a traveler can take a vehicle. Portland is the biggest city with airports, cultural and economic life, and many landmarks. You can preorder a rental car for under 25 yo there and navigate to Cape Kiwanda, Cape Lookout, and Cape Meares. The road from the city lasts about two hours. It is scenic and easy to take, even for a young driver. That is a person aged 21 to 24 who can rent a car for an extra fee. The latter deviates per the location, date, car class, and other factors.

Minimum driving age

State Oregon allows students to get a learner’s permit at 15 years old and grow it to a full license at 17. Yet, that does not give more rights to novice drivers. So, how old do you have to be to rent a car in Oregon? One may ask. The minimum age is 21 with Thrifty. However, check different car rental suppliers. They may offer you cars too. Do some research to find the most profitable prices.

Explore Portland

Portland has a developed recreation, environmental protection, and local food and beverages production. Residents are twice as likely as ordinary Americans to go hiking and participate in active sports. Sure, nature is magical here. You may contact Portland Visitor Center to learn more about local activities for tourists. It has the largest concentration of hybrid cars in America. Also, Portland is very fond of cyclists.

Plan your route

You may turn to car rental anytime. We recommend seeking options when you have a more comprehensive selection, two weeks ahead of your trip. Yet, you can make up your mind on the go and look for vehicles when you are in Oregon (you can read more about activities here). It is hard to pick locations whether you do not have an itinerary to lean on. Consider your route to see the closest pick-up locations and be on time at many fascinating places.

Learn local peculiarities

Oregon, along with New Jersey, prohibits self-service at gas stations. A particular employee will gladly assist you with that. Then, like in Florida, you can not talk or text on your smartphone while driving. You will catch fees for that. You can even turn left on red onto a one-way street (in the same direction you intend to turn). Do not forget about safety when making a left turn at a red traffic light!

What documents to take?

Car rental in Oregon asks you to show them the ID, driving license with at least one year of experience, and credit card with sufficient funds. Also, you need a printed e-voucher that was sent to your email after you made a deal online. If you selected an additional driver you want to share the road with, he should be with you and hold all the same valid documents (except the credit card.) All the expenses come from the main driver. That is the rule. By registering one more driver, you prolong the action of your insurance to one more person.

Use our tips to arrange the best vacations ever. You will need wheels to navigate there, for sure. We wish you a great road trip to Oregon State!