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GlassWire 3.3 is Available for Download!

We have launched a new version of our free firewall software, GlassWire 3.3, and are excited to share many new features with you! This latest release finally addresses all the major concerns longstanding v2 users had with the initial v3 release.

Along with improvements and bug fixes, we have collated feedback and suggestions from our users and implemented some fundamental changes with the release of GlassWire Firewall 3.3.

Full Feature functionality without the need to be logged into an account. Features such as the GlassWire Score and Anomaly Detection are able to fully function and display data for all apps even when the app is unauthorized, meaning there is no longer the need for a user to be signed into an account for these function to work.

Disable permissions upon upgrading to the version 3.3 or from initial installation. We have introduced a splash screen which allows users to proceed into the app with either full access or with restricted permission, disabling data processing for app information and traffic counters.

Auto-Upgrade. We have added the ability for a user to disable version auto-upgrade from the settings ( Settings -> General -> Enable automatic version upgrades ).

Device Auto-Scan is now on the main page of the Things tab instead of hidden within setting, to allow for easier and quicker access.

Other changes include:

UI improvements to the Firewall.

Upgrade to paid version pop up reduced to appear once a month.

VirusTotal Integration now requires a personal API key to function.

Dialog improvements.

Updated Premium logo.

Service updates and improvements.

The following issues have been fixed:

Bug affecting text size.

Bug affecting day selection for data plan settings.

Bug affecting alphabetical order of apps.

Bug affecting theme reset upon restart.

Bug affecting log out upon restart.

Head over to to install the most recent version of GlassWire.